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seasonal. sustainable. experimental. awesome.

Our Story.


Salt + Cinnamon is a collective formed as a creative outlet to share with friends. We thought...well...what better way to bring people together than with something as fundamental as food?  With that in mind, we set forth to create a place to share our food experiments as well as gain new experiences, lasting memories, and relationships through each new seasonal concoction, collaboration and event. Through our friendships, planned spontaneity, and love for food and travel, we want to share our passion to inspire your world gastronomically. 


About me



Creative. Adventurer. story-teller.

Hi! My name is Caitlin and creating new and exciting food makes me so very happy. I am a molecular biologist by training who found a love for cooking while helping my parents bake and cook for parties and family gatherings. Learning about different cultures (and just learning in general!), collaborating with people and creating stories through the outlet of food and design has always been my source of inspiration for creating S + C. I love bringing people together with new foodie experiences where strangers become friends sharing stories and seasonally-inspired dishes. I am currently working on putting together different types of conceptual farm-to-table pop-up dinner parties as well as experimenting on seasonal comfort foods with a healthy twist while fulfilling my other loves for fashion and science.

Quick Fun Facts:

Favorite Genre of Food: Baking/Sweets

Favorite Quote: Oh, so many! For now, I’ll settle with this one (But check back and it might change!) : “Trust the next chapter because you know the author.”

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Thing to make: Risotto because the flavors are endless.

Favorite Kitchen Tool: A Wooden Spoon

Favorite Season: Autumn because it’s cozy and harvest time.

Favorite Character: Kirby


Our Creatives and Collaborators (and friends:))


Chef. Wine Aficionado. Friend.

Eddie Aguilera is a dynamic, seasonally-inspired chef who brings innovative ideas and fun energy into every kitchen he steps into. He is a man of very few words… so we let his cooking do the talking. HA. We kid - he’ll talk up a storm in any setting he takes part in! Eddie specializes in Mediterranean dishes, and is currently a chef and freelance food stylist in CA. If you are lucky, you'll catch him at an event!





dreamer. artistic. disneylover.

Nadia Paredes is a Mexican born Art Therapist who is currently developing her identity as a Painter and Food aficionado. She has a bubbly, fun personality who loves to make people laugh and smile. Believing that cooking is just another form of artistic expression, she is seeking to connect the visual and the culinary arts. She believes that regardless of the medium, any artistic practice requires a mix of passion, intuition, but mostly, fun. You will find her at Art.Food.Dreamers. Check it out!


Curious. Playful. Analytical.

Jorge Arevalo is a Mexican born Chemical Engineer who recently discovered and developed an insatiable curiosity within the bread-making world. Complementing his engineering background with a freer creative mind within the food world, he is driven by his fascination of understanding the reasons behind the different ways we prepare food and their cultural ramifications. Whether he is kneading and pounding dough at the crack of dawn, or delving into his science side, he believes that the strive for balance between a person's creative and analytical sides is truly an enjoyable experience in everyday life.